Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 0!

OK, it is Day "Zero" - my transplant happens today at 2:30pm. I'm feeling a little nervous (despite the "pre-meds") but overall pretty confident. I have a terrific nurse, Jackie, and she's going to 'hold my hand' through the whole process.

After this, I become the "boy in the bubble" for awhile until my immune system takes off on its own again. Meantime it is the hospital's job to keep me scaffolded with an artificial system using drugs - antibiotics mostly. They are monitoring everything closely to watch for infection and fevers etc. Kind of a scary time, but, this is what they do here on the 14th floor. I'm in good hands and I have been so appreciative of all the good support and messages songs and gifts from you all. Thanks you thank you thank you!



  1. Mark, Julie,

    Thanks for putting this blog up. I am honored and impressed that you're keeping me, and other friends so close through this journey.

    Mark you have always inspired, but never more so than right now.

    And Julie, I know that there isn't much that I can do to help. However, don't forget, the Bolen boys (all four of us) are at your disposal at anytime, whether it's a broken hotwater, car problems or just needing some furniture moved for when Mark gets back home.


  2. Mark,
    You know I'm reading this, right honey? I know Jackie has those pretty green eyes, but I'll be the one holding your hand; she'll be holding the syringe...
    Love, Julie

    PS -- Thank you, Glen! I'll get your phone on speed-dial.

  3. Mark and Julie,
    I am keeping you both in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers throughout this process and especially today. I will take a little time at 2:30 to send lots of love and positive engery your way! Keep laughing, singing and hugging!
    Your friend,

  4. Thinking calm and healthy thoughts for you!

    Laura, Tony and Tomlin

  5. Good luck Mark (& Julie), I be thinking good and strong thoughts for you of this beautiful sunny day. We have a doozy of a Team in Training swim tonight, so I'll tell the team to all be thinking of you as we swim our 2700m!

    Let me know if you need any help,


  6. Mark & Julie,
    Im thinking a great deal about you both and sending all the love and well wishes in this world up to you both on the hill.

    We look forward to seeing your new operating system Mark 2.0.

  7. Mark, I sent lots of healthy vibes your way this afternoon and hope you are doing ok. You are such an inspiration, spending your time comforting your friends by telling us how well you are doing...your music, your friends, your walks with Julie.

    I miss you at the office and am off for a few days of R&R for myself.
    Be well my dear friend and remember my love for you.

    And Julie, please let any of us at Metro know how we can help, especially when Mark comes home. We'll be lining up at your door.


  8. Happy New Birthday to you. I love the art that is surrounding you. I know it inspires you as it does me. Sending love to you tonight.


  9. Happy Birthday Mark! Thanks for sharing your blog and updates, you are just inspiring as ever. Wish you a speedy reboot and recovery!


  10. Hi Mark,

    It is Tuesday here in North Carolina, and I've been checking out the blog to see how you are progressing. I'm glad to know you are through the BEAM--the Popsicle Stage--and heading into the BMT--the Bubble Boy stage. I have to admit the photographs on the site of the astronauts gives your adventure a kind of Stanley Kubrick Space Odyssey: 2001 ambiance. Hang in there. We're thinking of you and Julie.

    love, Fox

  11. Thank you for putting up the blog Mark. Happy Birthday! I'll say an extra prayer for you at 2:30.


  12. You sound good, buddy! Keep strumming that guitar and thinking about all the cocktails yet to be consumed.

    You are missed here. Hope to see you wandering the halls soon. Mynell & Ellie send their love too!