Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day -4

Today was a beautiful - albeit cloudy bright day. Still no view of Mt Hood from my fabulous aerie .. but I remain hopeful.

Many visitors today, which was nice because my energy remains very good. Brother Eric was here bright and early; he was here when Dr Chen and Bryon "made rounds" which was good to introduce them. I then spent about 30 minutes doing sprints on the great training bike they have perched looking out DIRECTLY at my office building at Metro across the river (Hi friends!)

That was followed by Julie and a thermos of Americano's! We got to walk outside a bit in the sculpture garden around the top of the Tram again. Then, after my chemotherapy, I had a visit from work colleagues; then a MASSAGE from a lovely volunteer woman who comes on Thursdays, followed by a nice long catch-up/work visit with a graduate student and colleague, Vivian Siu. Then Julie came back for dinner and we watched Jon Stewart videos and a Big Love episode.

Now it is time for trazadone time! I get my vital signs taken at midnight AND at 4AM, so night is kind of a relative concept here in hospital land.

Sleep tight friends. Thanks again for all the comments of love and support! Keeps me going positive....on the bright side of this road.


  1. Sending good thoughts. Tiffany

  2. Hey!!

    Been following your odessey. I'm think'n and hope'n that the great chemical eliminator will be the magic bullet. You must be scared shitless because I am. You look strong and the bike therapy IS critical.
    I am familiar with the string quartets. They are so well crafted they sound like he just started whistling them while walking his dog.
    I think his type of genius just happens to you. You have no choice but to surrender to it.
    Anyway fuck Beethoven. It's about you. Meditate on riding cross country with a bunch of friends after this is all over. I'll do one one the skinny states with you.

    Love Vince

  3. Hi Mark,
    Great journey you are documenting. I especially love it being about the team supporting you. I am so glad you have a bike to ride and a scupture garden. I hope your energy keeps up, great sign.

    Sarah decided to attend U of O Honors College. I think she would've loved University of Puget Sound, but she opted to avoid debt. We will be able to cover graduate school this way. I am so proud of her either way.

    More on our family later. Love to Julie and you. MA