Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day +6 : Becalmed

Well, as expected, my counts are plummeting. This leaves me with just enough energy to drift in and out listening to music - and to attempt to cover the NYTimes. So it has been a day of rest - becalmed.

For ME anyway. Julie and Claire have been busy, organizing a work party to clean the house and yard in anticipation for my return - sometime in the near future.

I did get my first "top up" last night - some platelets to boost red cell numbers. Thank you to ALL who give blood. You are angels!

Claire and Julie are in the "sky lounge" now, and they are going to watch the Blazers playoff game tonight against the Phoenix Suns. I might be resting my eyes...


  1. I must say, Mark that I check in on you every day and though I feel helpless back here in the east(plus you seem stockpiled with all that interests and inspires you), I do want you to know that I think of you each day and Julie and the girls and am struck by how you all have your roles and tools for this extraordinary mission that you are on. Love, Helen

  2. Take care and rest Mark.


  3. Happy Old Birthday!I hope you are resting well today. Mary Anne