Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rocket Man

Rocket Man : I've been singing this song today...

It is a nice place to be up high in the air here at OHSU, but, I definitely am becoming the boy in the bubble. Julie and I just went for a walk and it was strange to be out in the air and the wind and with people and bikes and buses and birds around. Open the Pod doors HAL....


  1. Hey Mark - I am glad to hear that you're completely operational and that your circuits are functioning perfectly, but I'm not gonna bite on that Elton John reference.

  2. But I'll bit on the 2001 reference...

    "I'm sorry Mark. I'm afraid I can't do that"

  3. Gonna get the kids out for a "Ride for the Rocket Man" bike trek today. Keep the ice on your mouth, those nasty ulcers can get pretty yucky. My patients hate them. I heard good things about burgerville smoothies as an antidote. Stiff upper lip, ol' chap we're rooting (routing?) for you.