Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Up on the Hill...

3181 Southwest Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239
(503) 494-8311
* approximate times

So I'm staying at the Kohler Pavilion, which is the big new building at the top of the TRAM. (Note: Bldg #7 in the map attached below) It is a very nice facility, and houses the Phil Knight Cancer Center. My room is 14 - on the 14th floor.

Visitors are allowed, and the next few days are kind of a good time in that - while I'm receiving the treatment, the effects on my immune system are still a few days away. So I'm feeling pretty good so far, and will start to decline as the "therapy" takes effect. I can even go outside on the various plazas and causeways for the next couple days to get some fresh air.

The only requirement is that you be healthy - and over 18 - and that you wash hands thoroughly immediately upon entering the 14th floor.

Here's A MAP of the OHSU campus

The place is a total maze, but treat it as an adventure - like geocaching or a treasure hunt. You should probably check signals directly with me or Julie before showing up, just to make sure there isn't some grueling procedure that they need to take me away to the subbasement for.

The best approach is to drive up Sam Jackson Road, and when you see the campus at the top of the hill, take the first left and then an immediate right into Patient and Visitor Parking. Take the elevator from the parking garage up to the 9th floor, and walk down the long hallway with windows outside on your left. At the end of the hall, the tram is on your left and Elevator 1 is on your right. Take this elevator to the 14th floor, where you will have to call with the security phone and say you are here to visit Mark in Room 14 and the doors will be opened to you!

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