Saturday, June 5, 2010


Graduation is a time of tremendous joy and excitement - a time to celebrate the accomplishment and to look forward to the next chapter in life. My daughter, Kelly, along with a whole cohort of her friends (who I count as my own friends as well!) have graduated (or will any day now..) from college this year. Since my last post, watched Kelly "walk" in Grinnell, Iowa from my desk here at home - I was still under travel restrictions from my Doctors - but got to watch it real time through a streaming video.

Although with somewhat less "ceremony", I have also had my graduation. I have been released from the supervision of OHSU (goodbye Pill Hill!), met with my original Kaiser oncologist (hello again Dr. Rarick!), had my PICC line removed (hello hot showers!).

So, along with my colleagues from the class of 2010, it is time to move on from the institutions - the processes and procedures - that were our focus and reality for the last months and years.

It is a little unsettling is it not friends? To set your own schedule, make your own plans, decide what to think about and concentrate on...nobody telling you what to do next - no requirements, no prerequisites... no plan!

Some of you have landed interesting and rewarding situations around the country - teaching, researching, photographing, farming. And some of you are at loose ends this summer, the best laid prospects and plans fallen through. But it will be a good summer - and good to have you all home.

I have a job to return to - a work already in progress. (I'm very grateful for that, to Paul Couey, and all the support from Metro, and especially for the health insurance it provides!). I'm already dipping into some interesting projects (did my first PowerPoint presentation in months last week!) and I look forward to being fully engaged again soon.

So. In conclusion (how did this turn out to be a commencement speech?), I think we all should follow some simple guidelines as we move onto the next chapter in our life: