OHSU has a tremendous amount of art displayed in the halls and on the grounds of the institution.  Pretty impressive.  There is something to be said for corporate sponsorship.  I walk the halls as a matter of getting excercise (my PT, Lauren encourages me to do a couple miles a day), so I really am appreciating the specific works that I visit every day along the way.

Take a look at the gallery I'm collecting from my walks around campus:


  1. Hi, Mark, I see from your art gallery photos that you found the Ginko Biloba leaf tiles in the maze. That didn't take you long! Thanks for postings. ben

  2. Right! Ginko Biloba. So what exactly is significant about this in terms of the hospital though? I know there is some medical application of the essence of Ginko right? But was it significant in research or something? Other than being a cool leaf print... I guess I should wikepedia and find out!

    Thanks for following, and thanks for your support!