Friday, February 5, 2010

Coffee Shops We've visited

Now with interactive maps!

Julie and I are touring the plethora of eastside coffee shops after treatment - more or less every morning. It has been a fun distraction and a noble effort if I do say so...

Wed 2/17:
  • Woops! Ended up back at Madrona Hill Cafe!
(Long story: It was the perfect spring morning for a bike ride, so Madrona Hill's coordinates were the perfect distance from my house to coffee to the clinic and back to work)

Tuesday 2/16:
  • Heart Coffee NE 22nd and Burnside (yelp)
Monday 2/15:
  • Muddy's Coffeehouse - NE Mississippi (yelp)
Friday 2/12:
  • Extracto Roasters - NE 30th and Killingsworth (yelp)
Thursday 2/11:
  • Ristretto Roasters - N Williams and Failing (yelp)
Wed 2/10:
  • Red "e" - 1006 N Killingsworth (at Michigan) (yelp)
Tuesday 2/9:
  • Albina Press - N Albina and Blanena (yelp)
Monday 2/8
  • Coffehouse 5 - N Killingsworth and Albina (yelp)
Friday 2/5:
  • Three Friends - SE 12th and Ash (yelp)
Thursday 2/4: (we split up this morning so that Julie could meet with Niece Jane in SE)
  • Cup and Saucer - SE 35th and Hawthorne (yelp)
  • J cafe (my base station near my work) - NE 6th and Holladay (yelp)
Wed 2/3:
  • The Fresh Pot - 4001 N Mississippi (yelp)
Tuesday 2/1:
  • Madrona Hill Cafe - N Greeley and Ainsworth (yelp)
Monday 2/1:
  • Blend coffee lounge - N Killingsworth and 2th (yelp)
Friday 1/29:
  • Bakery Bar - NE 29th and Glisan (yelp)
Thursday 1/28:
  • Bakery Bar - SE Water Ave and Taylor (yelp)

So Where should we go next week?


  1. Have you been to Jim and Patty's yet? It's around 49th and Fremont. Best coffee cake ever.

    Also, there is a pretty good place called the New Daily Cafe on 53rd and Halsey.

    I applaud this valiant exploration of the Portland coffee scene! You'll have to show me around when I come home!


  2. Go west young man!

    Coffeehouse NW (aka C-HO NW) at W Burnside and NW Trinity.


  3. I'm glad to see you've hit both Bakery Bars! Have you been to Crema on NE 28th and Ankeny? If you like donuts go to Staccato Gelato on NE 28th and Everett on a Friday.

  4. Don't miss Coffehouse 5 at Killingsworth and Albina. I always stop on my way to work for my eyeopening latte and a brief conversation with Wesly, owner and barista who grounds (no pun)me in the belief that the human heart and voice remain lovely additions to this universe.

  5. Costello's Travel Caffe at 2222 NE Broadway; they have foreign language night + films, and live music.

  6. Mark,
    Checked in with the coffee dudes and dudinas. Here is what I can report:

    Coffeehouse Five already mentioned came up a couple of times,
    Coffeehouse Five, 740 N. Killingsworth St, 97217

    They also suggested:

    Red E, 1006 N Killingsworth St, 97217
    (just down the street from coffeehouse five)

    Heart Coffee, 2211 E Burnside, 97214

    From my own travels I can suggest:

    Albina Press
    4637 N Albina Ave or 5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd (I like the 2nd locale more, one of the great PDX coffee spaces).

    Ristretto Roasters,
    3808 N Williams Ave and 3520 Northeast 42nd Ave

    My own east side favorite is:

    Stumptown Annex, 3352 Southeast Belmont St, 97214

    This is where all of Stumptown's coffees can be had by the cup (pour over only) from their simple blends to the infamous Ismeralda, all about the coffee. Simple and quiet (where else in the world has free public cuppings twice a day!), you can get pastries at the regular Stumptown Cafe next door, or get you coffee and pastry there at the cafe and bring it over to the calmer atmosphere of the annex.

    Look forward to learning what you find!


  7. Don't forget Extracto between 29th & 30th on Killingsworth.

  8. I would personally recomend Kono Joes on the Big Island. Ok, I know it's not in the neighborhood, but the coffee is stinkin' awesome!!

  9. I like the Daily Cafe at Rejuvenation Hardware (1100 SE Grand Ave). When you have your coffee you can wander around and look at old bathtubs, doors, etc...

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