Monday, March 8, 2010

Radiation Consult

The good news is that Mark's PET scan from last Friday came back clear, showing no cancer activity anywhere in the body, which is great!

The "not so sure about news" is that our 2 hour consultation this morning with Radiation Oncology turned into 4 hours with a question mark at the end. Last week we were told by the BMT coordinator that Mark's pre-transplant treatment would include total body radiation, thus today's consult. But it gradually became clear this morning that the radiation docs are skeptical of proceeding with full body radiation, given the amount of radiation Mark has already had to his eyes. So now we need to schedule another consult with the BMT doc, Dr. Maziarz. It is easy to feel that these doctors should be coordinating the treatment plan with each other a little better...

After that long morning, Mark and I definitely deserved an excellent lunch, which we enjoyed at Bread & Ink on SE Hawthorne: pasta with arugula, bacon and chevre, and a salad with avocado, grapefruit and kiwi. Then we drove home, and Mark rode his bike in to work in the sunshine. OK, we're feeling a little better now.

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  1. Mark, is this your ACTUAL scan?
    makes for good art. Truthfully, all of this is part of a good life. Treasure it as it is, each moment, I think.