Friday, April 30, 2010

April Showers

The weatherman said that April was one of the rainiest on record. (Thursday was the 24th day this month with measurable rain - tied with April 2003).

Today is May Day - and I'm really looking forward to "May Flowers", but, frankly, where would we PUT more flowers? There is such an abundance already! The weather promises to warm up tomorrow - and I'm hoping to spend some time in the backyard, soaking up some outdoor air and sun.

Julie has lined up people to come visit over the next couple of weeks while I continue to need "monitoring"; her Sister Carol from Chicago, and our dear friend Kitty from LA will be with us for the next two weeks.

So I'm a available for "viewing" if you are healthy and would like to drop by and say hi. I am still pretty slow and low, but it does brighten my mood to see friends. Just check with Julie - "the gatekeeper" first ok?

And Happy May Day!


  1. I like the tulip picture with a drenching rain. It says spring in Puddle Town!

  2. Mark - Slow and low may be true, and is certainly to be expected. But you left out "amazing" which is also true. We continue to watch in awe how you and your family are handling this from the rainy east coast.


  3. YAY! I am so glad that you are doing well! I wish I could come visit, but alas I still have a few more weeks! Enjoy gardening!