Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day + 1: The First Day

Today is the first day of the rest of your life right? Isn't that cliche? But true! So today is Day +1 for me. The first day with my new stem cells working their way to the bone marrow to make new cells. It is a fascinating process; amazing really. I am humbled by the science and I am grateful as well.

So I was reminded of this lovely old Richie Havens song, but I can't find any video of it on the WHOLE Internet! It is from his Stonehenge album from (gulp) 1970! Anyway, it is a real treasure and it just seems to fit my mood today:

It could be the first day...
When dreams are once again the things that I will have to say

and with my next days

I'll learn the secrets of the games I've often had to play
and when I finally settle down to where my spirit can be found
I will call up all my friends
to say I finally see the end

It could be the last day...
to live within the places where I've often longed to stay
It could be the last way

To live among the things that I've often thought the way

And when I finally realize
and try my new day on for size
I will call on all my friends
to say I finally see my eyes

It could be the first day It could be the last day
It could be the first day It could be the last day

OK. In searching out this song on YouTube, I did find a really precious performance by Richie Havens from Sesame Street... please enjoy this beautiful song.


  1. First day of my life - Bright Eyes.
    Starting from a slightly different perspective.
    Glad to hear everything went well.
    Happy New Birthday. Sending good thoughts.
    - Paul

  2. Or as Richie Havens sang at Woodstock--for about 20 minutes (though it seemed longer)--
    Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom......

    And I have seen that Richie Havens performance on Sesame Street--possibly his second most famous appearance, next to Woodstock, of course.