Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day + 16: Trending Upward

So after my upbeat report yesterday, I have to say that I'm realizing this is going to be a long, slow, process to complete recovery. I had a bit of a setback last night in the form of some fever spikes (something the hospital takes very seriously). Everything is fine this morning, but, it was a little scary, and, it served to remind us to "Respect the Process" and that I should do as I'm told.

While the overall trend has been, and continues to be, upward, I can't necessarily expect consistent improvement day to day. A hard lesson to learn sometimes. I continue to be upbeat and enthusiastic, but need to learn to temper that by listening to my body and doing what the doctor's tell me to.

Thanks everyone for you continued support - your comments and cards and emails - all are so great to get and help "keep me where the light is"....

YouTube video/audio of John Mayer's: Gravity


  1. Mark,

    Glad to hear you are home--even if you must deal with the dreaded "Do As Your Told" concept. That's a tough one, since none of us wants--or is used to--doing what we're told. But it sounds like it makes sense in this case.

    Portland sounds beautiful--I didn't even know you had dogwoods in bloom. Chapel Hill is in a similar state of nature--everything is blooming and people are mowing grass like crazy and there's lots of pollen in the air.

    Like you, I have a sleeping dog at my feet. So things are good. Patti said she spoke with you on Sunday night and that you sounded great.

    Hang in there. Love to all the family.


  2. I'm now available for cutting garlic...

  3. Hey Mark. So glad to hear you're home and have made it through this first stage. We're all thinking about you and wishing you the best! I'm glad you got to see and enjoy the dogwoods and lilacs, they are truly a tonic for the soul.

    Much love from us all,
    Ingrid & Mark, Jerry, Tara & Steve

  4. Glad you're back home, Mark!!! It sounds like you are riding the waves as they come. We are so glad you and Kelly could have your special days together. Take good care!! Love from Ann Arbor, Peggy Doug, Brian, Kelsey and Kristen too : )

  5. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on your progress and amazing intro/extrospection. Jillian drove past OHSU today and started to wave...but hurray he's home. It was inspiring to see your face as you climbed out of the van and we're excited to see how your garden grows over the summer. I know how frustrated, and interupted my families can feel when a pesky fever sends them back to the tank. Mostly that stuff is out of your control. But you've proven that attitude rocks.

  6. Hey Mark, I was bussing along 33trd today and passed Hancock. I was tempted to swing by, but know I must respect the docs orders about the need to be quarantined. After coming back from DEQ and passing Hancock once again I headed over to my grandson's preschool and wisked him off to "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D. We had lots fun. It so much fun to indulge (spoil) the grand kids. Next it's Cirque Du Soliel. Take care Mark and keep on traveling along the bumpy road to recovery.

  7. Mark,
    We're so glad you're home and continuing your recovery process in familiar surroundings. Like you, we all need to be patient even though we would like the recovery to go fast so we can share your company.
    Ray and Denissia

  8. Hi Bos, I know this is a late response but I only just found your blog again. I just wanted to add my booster rocket of optimism to yours: I think you SHOULD expect to continue on only an upward trend - just don't feel like it's a setback if there's a glitch. :) Last week was a whirlwind of job/contract work/out-of-town visitors/allergies & virus - this week will be something more of the same (minus the bugs, I hope) but we should be able to stop by over the weekend! oxo Love you, buddy.