Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day + 30: Restaurants!

Tomorrow is Day + 30 which means I'm allowed to eat in restaurants again! Please call ahead for reservations ;-)

I am also available for 'viewing' at home pretty much anytime. With my nearly normal White Blood Cell Count (see below) - I'm no longer a danger to myself and others. My only restrictions at this time are travel - and crowds and I'm still on a low bacteria diet - which is odd, but doable. My energy level is still "low and slow"... so I have to pace myself pretty carefully.

But basically, I'm back! Ready to Rock!***

Details Details:
Yesterday I had multiple appointments with my "team" of doctors.

The consensus is that I'm doing great! My OHSU coordinator, Carol, said that I "looked like a champ"! And Dr. Lo, my Ophthalmologist said: "The eyes look great with no sign of ocular inflammation".

For those of you playing at home... here's the #s as of yesterday:
  • White blood cell count: 4.6 (remember, in the hospital I was 0.1.. and 'normal' range is from 4.2 - 11.5)
  • Platelets: 26 (Still pretty low - but ticking up. This is the main reason for further restrictions - they worry about bleeding and bruising from everyday activity - let alone a real accident. Once I get past 50 I'm pretty much in the clear.)

***With some caveats: I have to act my age; be in bed by 10:30; groupies are limited to immediate family members only; and by drinking plenty of fluids, they apparently mean, er, Water....


  1. Have you decided on a restaurant, Mark? Such good news!

  2. Fabulous Mark!!!!....yeah....we are cheering you on!!!

    Here you go.....
    a song for the days, weeks, months, years ahead...


    love from the choir at Grace and Sue

  3. Good morning Mark on Day Thirty....Which restaurant is depicted in the photo? I know Kagan doesn't have experience as a judge, but surely experience as a waiter counts for something?! Have fun eating out with Julie tonight, and please post your menu selections tomorrow ok? Love--Carol

  4. Thanks for keeping your blog updated with your improving numbers. It's wonderful to track your path back to normal health and life style. It must be nice to go out and enjoy the restaurant experience again. Willow and I went with friends to a restaurant in the Pearl, Vino Parodiso, we can recommend. For the menu choices and quality, the prices were decent.

  5. Craigie and I think you should have a Redonkadonk Burger at the Bruch Box on 5th and Oak. Burger, spam, ham, bacon and a fried egg all between two (that's right, two!) Texas Toast grilled cheese sandwiches. On second thought...let's wait on that one until you're back at work. Sound good?

    Went to Nostrana yesterday for pizza. Good stuff. That's always a place to think about. Talk to you soon, buddy.


  6. HI Mark,
    Good to see how well you are doing! Thinking of you. Of course my fave at Fleur de Lys are the donuts which also are only available on weekends.

  7. Hope you're having fun with your new Mark-sitter. Thinking about your grad and how proud you must be. Love those numbers. I have a 7 year old princess at work who just relapsed her ALL and I told her about your success story and it made the whole family feel hopeful and encouraged. She did great getting her new PICC. (Obviously no names were mentioned in the telling of the story.)Looking for restaurant updates.

  8. Hi Mark! Day 30. Wow. I'm cheering you on and checking in with the Blog. I hope to see you really soon! I feel your disappointment over the olive ciabata though, after so many days so many days of not tasting such a delight! I hope you have a great meal out where ever you settle on eating. Enjoy this amazing weather!
    lots of cheers and whoowhooing, Jessica

  9. I love your pic from Milo's, that would be my first choice!!!

  10. Can it be?? Day +30 already?? Time is flying. I'm so glad to hear things are going so well. I think of you very often and hope to stop by sometime soon!


  11. Hi Mark,
    Congrats on day 30+ and all your health progress!! We are so glad you can go out to a restaurant and enjoy a meal and the Portland vibe. All the best from Ann Arbor - Peggy and Doug

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