Sunday, May 16, 2010


The weather has teased me out of my easy chair and onto the trainer (thanks Leila!) in my backyard for a spin or two. And, actually, last week I started to do some errands and various chores around the neighborhood on my bike again. (I also drove a car for the first time in two months...) I'm back!

I have to be careful (as do we all right?) to not crash and bleed.... my platelets are still low and I am still pretty low energy. But being upright on a bike out in the world feels pretty good to me!

Which, of course, reminds me of an old song...from Graham Parsons and Chris Hillman

We've all got wheels to take ourselves away
We've got telephones to say what we can't say
We all got higher and higher every day

Come on wheels take this boy away
We're not afraid to ride
We're not afraid to die come on wheels take me home today
So come on wheels take this boy away

Now when I feel my time is almost up
And destiny is in my right hand
I'll turn to him who made my faith so strong
Come on wheels make this boy a man

My favorite interpreter of this song is Emmylou Harris

Here's a cool version on YouTube of Emmylou and Elvis Costello (and Gillian Welch!)

Also a nice YouTube video doing wheels and the song "sin city" too.***

*** In which she mentions three of the ten commandments of country music: "Always do a waltz" and "Two voices are better than one" and "always do a shuffle"

I've been a fan of Emmylou since, well, I've always been a fan.

Those Big Gibson Guitars have certainly aged well haven't they?


  1. Glad to hear that you're back on two wheels!


  2. It's amazing how the little things (or in this case big things) of ordinary life become so profound and appreciated when one is deprived of them. I guess one of the blessings of going through something as extraordinary as what you have been through, is just that...the appreciation of all things great and small...a bike ride, a car ride, a walk outside...BIG BIG things. Most people lack this humility. Most people don't enjoy their lives. They seek adventures, distractions, thrills to make them feel alive. A really good cup of coffee and a stroll around the block sounds good to me. Have a great day. love, helen

  3. Hi Mark - It was lovely to sign in and hear that you are recovering so nicely. I'm so I'm sure you and your family. I love your Emmylou profile. She is so graceful...I've also been a big fan. Thought you might enjoy one of my all time favorite shows at the Boarding House in San Fran Nov 1975. You can listen to it on Wolfgang Vault.

    Peace & Love,

  4. It's so good to hear from you. Glad you're out and about. Now if you would just fix your weather machine!

  5. Hope all is going well, Mark! Choir had a fun potluck this past week and you were greatly missed. I hope you are continuing to gain strength and healing. Blessings to you, Sue

  6. Thank you for creating this blogspot -- feels so good to hear about your recovery, slow though it may feel (platelet by platelet, every one gets our cheers). Great photos and interesting links! Much love to you, Dia and Eric