Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beach Bliss

What a glorious weekend at the beach! We stayed in Oceanside at a friend's cabin, and enjoyed every kind of weather - sideways rain and spectacular sun.

The northern Oregon coast is a powerful and beautiful place. It was very nostalgic for me to visit some of the places I remember from this area: Netarts specifically. I spent a couple of summer weeks there as a boy... and Cape Lookout where I did Boy Scout camp and, as a freshman in high school - I rode my bike there from Portland (reach the Beach!) with the Grant High bike club.

I do think the salt and the spray and the whole environment was very healing for me. I napped every afternoon, and I poured through a wonderful novel (To Siberia by Per Petterson). My eyes are getting better, but they are still sore and stingy from the radiation...

... but the beach worked its magic, and I feel better for being there.

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  1. hey mark

    I've been following your blog and send you some positive vibes. It sounds like the experimental caffine treatment your using may work. Things are good here. Lotsa snow one week, warm the next. We built a ridiculous 6' high igloo over the weekend. I have to admit it's very sorry looking. Photos are coming.
    Always think of you and wish we could be a little closer.