Sunday, February 21, 2010

One more round!

So I only have one more radiation session - tomorrow (Monday Feb 22nd)! I've been tolerating it pretty well, but, this week it seemed to catch up with me. I feel like my temples are sunburned and, my eyes are scratchy and sore. So, I think it is high time to quit! (I will miss the nurse mannequin - pictured above - the staff place her around the radiation facility... and this day she was working on the puzzle).

I have enjoyed this incredible spring weather though. I spent most of the weekend doing yard work and garden projects. Good life affirming energy to just dig and build and plant.

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  1. Congratulations, Mark and Julie! I've been thinking about you both--missed seeing you at O'Hare last night, Julie. I'm mailing you "Reader" review of The Purple Pig today. Sending love to you both--how will you live without the coffee and scones every morning though?! All love--Carol