Saturday, February 20, 2010

You can never hold back spring!

So, what can I say? This is an inspiring - beautiful season in Oregon. I was originally thinking I would be done with my transplant operation by now... but I am enjoying being out and about in this lovely springtime. My aplogies to those of you in the east and midwest.. but it got up to 60 degrees here yesterday. The crocus and daffodils and all the other spring blossoms are popping up all over. Wonderful and uplifting....


  1. That is pretty unbelievable in comparison with this place - we got inches and inches of snow yesterday and are planning on going SLEDDING today. Gotta go - Jessica just pulled some sesame bagels out of the oven!!! Wish you were here, Dad.

  2. Ha! It is amazing to think of you sledding... what a hoot!

    It was warm again all weekend. Just lovely. Glad you and Claire and Mom could be together.

  3. jealous, and yet we have fresh powder to ski in the rockies so I can't complain. We can both live vicariously!