Friday, March 26, 2010

Block that metaphor!

So the symbolism of having my procedure scheduled for Easter Sunday was not lost on me (though now it is scheduled for a couple days after). The idea of getting my body "rebooted" at Easter is a simple leap to the core Christian concept of Resurrection.

And of course it is also spring, and evidence of rebirth is everywhere - the cherry blossoms have come and gone - little lambs and chicks robin's eggs - crocus and daffodils etc etc...

I get it OK? No need to hit me over the head with it.

So, in the last few days I've had to "restore" my iPhone due to a mysterious hardware failure. It suddenly would not function as a phone - no carrier signal/no bars.

I spent a couple of painful cycles of trying to reboot the iPhone, popping SIM card in and out, and doing a "restore" from software. Needless to say, while watching the little blue bar filling the bar slowly from left to right, I couldn't help but think of the process of recovering "myself" in the transplant that I'm facing - day "zero" is likely Monday April 12th.

Finally I visited the AT&T store and got a new card - which seemed to work - when I was in the store... and then failed again as soon as I walked outside.

At the Genius Bar at the Apple store the next day, the guy did some diagnostics on my phone and "couldn't detect anything wrong", but felt that overall the unit looked to be "in great shape" so he chose to replace it with a new unit. (Note: those two phrases in quotes are exactly what they've been saying about me in the medical realm - that there's no trace of disease and that I'm young and healthy).

So, again: I get it already!


  1. That's right. The universe is not going to mess around with Mark Bosworth! No matter how hard it tries. No cosmic jokes allowed.
    Love you,
    Karen K.

  2. Not only do you get it, you are showing the rest of us how to travel this path. Thank you. You can and will do this with the same style you do everything else. I love spending my days so close to you in the next cube my dear friend.

  3. Mark, you will "reboot" just fine. You are positive and full of light, just as you have been for the past 35 or so years that I've known you. I continue to be inspired by you.

    Much love,

  4. Checking in to see how the meeting went today. I ended up getting today off, too, and used it to celebrate the people who are important in my life. Julie, thank you for your comfort and generosity this weekend. Missing our evening walks on the beach already. Mark, thank you for embracing life, hope and apple products. You are an inspiration. Metaphorically speaking sometimes a reboot is just putting your shoes back on. love, always