Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, we are convinced. We have signed the consent forms... and buckled our seat belts in preparation for the next phase of treatment.

Yesterday morning Mark and I met with Dr. Maziarz, and Mark's brother Eric joined us. We reviewed the statistics for people who have a CNS (central nervous system) relapse of lymphoma as Mark has. Those who undergo a stem cell transplant basically have three times the survival rate of those who don't. It seems clear that going forward with the stem cell transplant is the best chance for long term remission, and that Mark is a prime candidate (being "young and healthy" and all) to get through the process with minimal collateral damage.

So, Mark checks into the hospital Tuesday morning, April 6, where he gets a PICC line inserted and gets the first round of chemo that evening. The PICC line is a "peripherally inserted central catheter" which gives IV access for a long period of time. Mark had one two years ago for about 6 months, and it didn't give him any trouble. All drugs and fluids can be fed through the PICC line, which means he avoids multiple IV pokes. The PICC is our friend.

Kelly is here on spring break this week with two friends from college and it's great to have them around! Kelly and Claire may each pay a weekend visit to PDX from their colleges in the next couple weeks to support Dad in the hospital, where he expects to be in residence for 3 - 4 weeks.

Your comments posted here are always very supportive and cheering; thank you. Keep 'em coming!
Love -- Julie


  1. So I am a new reader, and a renewed connection. Had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Julie over the past weekend and get some of the inside scoop... I now can pick up the rolled eyes around "young and healthy" - I can imagine that nobody feels very young or healthy at times!
    Glad you took the time to get convinced. Three times more likely sounds good. I'm on board with you.
    Love Katy

  2. Mark, Julie,
    Doug and I send our love and support as you get ready for next week. We'll be thinking about you, praying for you, and standing with you in spirit during your treatment process.
    Lots of love from Ann Arbor,
    Peggy & Doug

  3. Hey there,

    You are faced with difficult choices. Glad Eric was with you today. I will keep all of you in my constant thoughts and prayers. So good that Kelly is home. Where is Clare? Blessings on you. with love MA

  4. Hi Mark and Julie--I'm on my way to the post office to mail you: 1)Teaching Company course on Beethoven string quartets; 2)CD sets of Beethoven middle and late quartets; 3)score for all quartets (inherited by Ted from his grandmother). You'll know much more about this wonderful music than I do, and even Ted....great idea for a project... all love to you both, Carol

  5. Hi Mark and Julie,

    I know the choir from Grace and I are cheering you on with loud Alleluias.....!!!
    May you draw upon the strength of God's eternal love and light in your heart.....and keep singing!!!! All shall be well in time,....we are with you all the way! Love from Sue and the choir.

  6. Hi Mark and Julie,

    When I read Carol's comment above, I realized that the only Teaching Company course I could offer would be the one I'm slogging through now on calculus. Somehow, I'm quite sure that instead of helping you heal, this would in fact have the opposite effect. I'll keep it safely here -- and instead send love and hugs to you both.

    And maybe a bit of Mary Oliver poetry, where she admonishes us to do three things with our lives:

    Pay attention.
    Be astonished.
    Tell about it.

    I see your blogspot entries over the last few months to be exactly that. Keep them coming. You may not realize it, but you're helping all of us heal.

    With much love,

  7. Happy Easter! We'll be cheering you on Tuesday morning as you step onto the launchpad! I was thinking of you and Lance this morning with all that science and the human spirit can conquer. Livestrong/Liveworth.


  8. Hi Mark - Hang on...there's lots of geography to discover on your new journey!

    Lots of love and heartfelt wishes to you and your family.


  9. hi Mark and Julie,
    Thinking of you on this new day.
    blessings, Sue

  10. Well I finally figured out how to get on your blog and it is truly wonderful. How I admire you and Julie and your beautiful girls. Love and thoughts your way from Dave and Win

  11. hi Mark,
    I think it is tomorrow.....!!!

    Here's a link to make you smile:

    cheers and blessings, and God's eternal love for you!!!