Sunday, April 4, 2010


So... to extend my space mission metaphor if I might: we are currently at T-8....

In the hospital they use a daily metric that counts backwards from the time you enter to "Day Zero", which is when I will receive my stem cells to "recover" me from the chemo-therapy.

When I go in this Tuesday, it will be Day -6, which starts to countdown to Monday the 12th - my new "birthday"! After that, I'll be counting on the positive side of the equation, and everything will be "plus" days. It is expected that I'll be in the hospital to at least Day 14 (+).

Today was Easter Sunday, and I spent a bit of it trying to organize things - my electronics - hardware and software, and "content" like music, podcasts and audio books. I'm feeling pretty good about all that, and will plan on doing more mundane stuff (socks and underwear etc.) tomorrow evening.

I keep trying to tell myself not to panic, that I don't need to remember everything I might anticipate needing. The have WiFi at the hospital, so iTunes is just a few clicks away, AND, Julie is going to be coming and going from the house, so, if I forget some obscure gadget or tshirt or something, she can always bring it next trip.

There is also the household stuff to deal with and worry about. I tried to do my best to putter around and get some little chores done - minor fixes and maintenance that Julie relies on me for... which leads me to a little bit of dread and panic. (I know she keeps me around for more than my powerful upper body strength - good for opening stubborn jars and stuck windows , but sometimes I wonder...)

Happy Easter everyone! Or rather, Happy -8!


  1. Look forward to hearing about your journey - and the successful outcome we all expect. Glad you have the Tele with you and can practice your chops. Sounds like you'll have to learn that David Bowie song...Ground control to Major Tom... There is a great Midnight Exprerss version of him doing that on Youtube if you want to get REALLY retro.

  2. So I guess that makes this T - 6. The day of our friend PICC. Shoulda gotten Sue to insert it - I hear she is really good at it. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.
    Do you stay in the hospital now? Or does that happen at ground zero?
    The metaphors are great - I expect that at times this all feels just too real to stare at head on.
    I hope Julie has introduced the requirement to try Big Love - can't wait to hear your opinion.
    Good thoughts coming from the Monterey Peninsula.