Friday, April 23, 2010

Day +11 Homeward Bound!

Homeward Bound (Another part of my musical life flashing before me - this was probably the first vinyl I ever owned... and now this song sounds particularly sweet to me).

First thing this morning my doctor brought the news that my counts have begun to climb. This is huge. It means that the procedure has actually "taken" and my body is producing its own cells again. Mark 2.0!

The actual numbers are rather small and insignificant, but the trend is in the right direction: Upward and onward!

If all goes well - meaning if I continue on this course for the next couple of days - it looks like I can go home on Monday - which would be day +14 - the earliest possible time frame that the Dr's have seen!

So I am happy, and humbled and full of gratitude for the process and the people who've got me here.

Blessings on you all!


  1. Mark,
    This amazing news! You of all people would break the record!
    Please let the folks at the office know how we can help out when you are home.
    I know you must feel so grateful and I do too for you.
    Blessings to you too.

    Carol H.

  2. This is wonderful news. I hope to see you soon.
    I talked to Laule'a today and she just got approved for her Fulbright to Bangla Desh. The world is turning for the better.

  3. Hi Mark and Julie,
    Both Chery and Ingrid Nylen told me about your blog and when I searched for Mark Bosworth blog,there it was! So I hope you don't mind me looking it up! It is really great to see you doing so well. And you must win the prize for most artful medical blog posting!

    Hope all keeps going well and you get to go home on Monday.

    And Happy Birthday to Mark 2.0!

  4. Hi Mark and Julie,

    Home, home, home. Yahoo! So glad you are moving up in the counts. Still thinking of both of you everyday. Meredith and I are off to Yoga this morning. Sarah now has a boyfriend in Beaverton, so she is north bound. Hopefully, I will get to visit you in early May. Continue with your positive trend. Mary Anne


  6. Hi Mark - We're thrilled at your good progress. Here's hoping you can come home very soon! Baskets of good vibes coming your way with much love, Doris and John

  7. We always knew you were a record setter, Mark! Congratulations and love coming from both of us here in Doris and John's lovely apartment.

    Hugs to you and Julie,
    Pete and Ann