Saturday, April 10, 2010

DAY -2 Weekend Update

Today was finally a clear morning view of the mountain. Just lovely. It has been a busy day already with Julie bringing the requisite Americano's followed by a brisk sprint on the stationery bike (with John Mayer on the soundtrack... nice). Then, and old friend and colleague, John Fregonese stopped by to play music for a couple hours. He's got a nice Tacoma acoustic guitar/bass that he accompanied me and the Tele and the Gurian on. Many medical visitors - two doctors and my nursing staff of Kathie and Maggie coming and going.

I got the final round of the "E" and "A" part of the BEAM protocol, which means that tomorrow is the "M" part - with Popsicles. They load me up with some pain and nausea medicine before the routine today, so I did sneak in a nap after John left (while "studying" the Beethoven mind you)....zzzzzzz.

So now I look forward to Julie coming back and, later, hopefully, music playing with Leela and Seth followed by dinner delivered by work colleagues - more on the menu after it arrives.

Julie and my Brother and his family are all attending a dance concert downtown tonight which I'd love to see. It sounds pretty cool.

Here's a review of the show they are going to see: The U-Theater from Tiawan


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  1. Mark,
    Denissia and I are amazed at how active, supported and upbeat you are in the midst of your treatments. You certainly are the focus of lots of positive energy coming from family, friends, colleagues, medical professionals and, most important of all, from you. Good energy and healing go very well together.
    We'll be on the East coast next week, but will be thinking about you and following your great blog.
    Ray and Denissia