Friday, April 9, 2010

DAY -3

Well I finally got to see Mt Hood from my little nest up here at the top 'o the hill. The afternoon opened up and there she is! Lots of snow finally to show off in the afternoon light.

Friends and Neighbors and co-workers came by today, along with Julie - twice! - actually. Also met two MORE members of my team - my Physical Therapist, Lauren, and the Departure coordinator, Peggy.

I've been feeling good and started out my day doing 20 minutes on the bike - trying to follow one of the computerized training settings.... but I'm much better as just an improvisational rider. Good workout though.

My symptoms are starting to creep in on me - I'm pretty drowsy a lot, and my throat and mouth are starting to "feel weird", but, really I'm weathering this just fine so far. The big creepy chemo comes on Sunday where I have to pre chill my mouth and throat with - wait for it - POPSICLES!
I've tasked Julie with finding me some tasty, high end sorbets to start, and finish with a nice hazelnut gelato - don't you think?

I did set up a "Gallery" page today that is linked to the blog (look on the right for "OHSU Art". You can take a look at it to see all the beautiful, inspiring artwork that is everywhere in this institution. Lovely and uplifting stuff. And nice to know that there is at least ONE full time employed Art History major in town!

Cheers everyone, and have a happy weekend!


  1. Mt. Hood looks MUCH BIGGER when you are looking out that window in person! The view towards Hood is looking east so one clear morning Mark is going to wake up with the sun coming up behind the mountain. I will miss it because I'm choosing to spend my nights at home with Biscuit (although there is a day bed in the hospital room I could use).
    Biscuit misses you, Mark! She wanted me to let you know.

  2. It was fun visiting you in your very cool digs, Mark. Love the art and the view. Grace

  3. Hi Mark,

    Greetings from North Carolina. I've been following your blog, and last night Patricia (aka Patti) showed me how to post a comment.

    I'm enjoying (if that's the right word) all of the posts--I just read the Beethoven one yesterday--and I love the picture of the cast of "House"--"it takes a village." And we are all thinking of you--and reassured as you continue to update us on your progress and journey. I'm glad to hear that your "journey" includes bike trips (even if stationary--there are many ways to travel)--and it sounds like you are getting some nourishment in the form of west coast coffee and sorbets.

    Hang in there. I hope that Mount Hood continues to dominate the skyline outside your window.


  4. Had to catch up on the blog this morning and it felt like the Sunday times. Have one of my peds patients heading for the hill this week for his transplant. Can't appreciate more that we have such an amazing facility, especially when people we love need the top of the hill care. Idle curiosity about minor picc complications. Looking forward to house concert tomorrow; thanks for getting our tickets. Plan to see your soon and think of you every day.