Monday, April 19, 2010

Day +7: Sky Lounge Birthday

Mark celebrated his birthday today with a dozen visitors throughout the day, bearing one cake, one pie, one plate of cookies, and assorted balloons, cards, and silly presents. And there was a rousing chorus of "happy birthday" sung by the nurses.

Claire and I arrived this morning via the tram, and we could wave at Mark in his room as we docked. I had a little bit of a sore throat today, so I wore a mask to ensure no passage of germs. Last night Mark had a slight fever, which led to an early morning chest x-ray, but nothing showed up and the fever didn't return. His white blood cell count went down from 0.2 to 0.1 today, and his energy and appetite are very low, but we are grateful none of the scarier side effects are showing up.

Happy Birthday, Mark!


  1. It was great to see you yesterday, Boz. We all miss you here at work. I am sending positive thoughts your way today and negative ones at Aman for being in Maui right now. You understand, right? Keep on keeping on, brotha!

  2. Again Happy Birthday, dear Mark! We loved seeing the festive balloon blog and hearing about all the special little festivities around you - lots of people have you in their hearts and are sending love, including us. Hope Claire has a safe trip back to Carleton and soon you will have Kelly arriving - she'll bring much joy, we know. Hugs, Doris and John