Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day + 8 Boring is a good thing...

Nothing dramatic to add today. My Dr said that medically, I'm "boring" - which is a good thing in this case. I did start running a fever and they were able identify a specific bug in the culture and applied some ani-biotics this morning. So that is why I'm here right?

Claire visited first thing this morning and is now back at Carleton College after her brief stay.

My main accomplishment today was to finish watching the "Firefly" series on my iPad! Now I'm ready for the Serenity Movie!

Julie is here now with homemade Chicken Soup = which of course can ward off all kinds of bugs right? We're going to hang around and watch a movie for low key evening. Embrace the boring!


  1. Hey, no picking on Boring! I grew up there. (Well, technically it was Damascus, but that was before it incorporated, so we had a Boring address.) Still, hearing that you are a boring patient is a good thing.

    Laura Mundt

  2. Ed and I thought you might like listening to this album that you can download onto your ipod. It's called Amadou & Marium. It's Afro/World type music and very energetic. Plus, we started getting into Damages on Netflix with Glenn Close. It's got some good actors and it holds our attention. Hope you have a really boring day tomorrow. xohelen

  3. How was Pirate Radio?

  4. Sometimes boring is wonderful. Glad to hear it.

  5. Happy Birthday again! How dependent we have become on cells of all sorts: stem, blood, white or bone marrow. How 'bout counting white cells to fall asleep, thousands of neutrophils in your dreams. Headed for NE Hancock today for some yard work (or chair work). Community and family beautification project, hurray.
    Can't wait until you can be a lawn ornament again. Susan

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Mark! I've been out of touch...this all sounds anything but boring! Don't knock boring, however! Boring can be stable, dependable, familiar...OK! I will make an appointment to donate blood/platelets, in your honor!
    Your boring friend,Jessica
    P.S. love and hugs for you and Julie

  7. Ready for the Serenity movie? Not until you've seen the commercial. It makes River's response seem so reasonable. Keep an eye out for this in the bar scene.


  8. Hello Mark,

    I found your blog while searching on the lyrics from "It Could Be The First Day." (I am 53, myself, which is why I remember it so intensely.)

    So it has been a delight to discover your inspiring and courageous story, so full of love and hope and sheer persistence and will to live. Sometimes it gets very difficult, I do know, having faced down death in the form of a stroke.

    But thank you are continuing to fight to experience the world that we have been placed in this time around. It's our duty to feel it in all its beauty and pain and joy and misery. Perhaps my words sound like a bad New Age greeting card, but they are sincere.

    May you live to see the sunsets and the seasons change for another 53 years. Enjoy this springtime, the first of your second life. May peace be with you and your spirit.

    PS the Serenity Movie is somewhat heart-breaking if you are affected by loss, even fictional.

  9. We're thinking of you all the time -- sending birthday love and strong and healing thoughts your way, Mark -- coast to coast. M, D & and I are headed to NYC for a few days; Denzel Washington tonight and South Pacific tomorrow. Not quite the same as Chapel Hill.... I well remember so many fun times with you and Julie from (can it be?) decades ago.

    Much love, Patti

  10. Louise!

    Thank you for your lovely "comment" on my blog. It is amazing that we crossed paths due to an obscure - 40 year old - song isn't it?

    But thank you for your kind, thoughtful and inspiring words - and for taking the time to reach out to me. That's a beautiful thing to do. Bless you.

    And may Peace be also with you!